Monday, February 10, 2020

Review the pages provided then answer the 5-Questions. (Read Essay

Review the pages provided then answer the 5-Questions. (Read fulldirections) - Essay Example B. On the other hand, when it comes to the trip to Cancun, again those with more disposable income may have the motivation to purchase the trip. Older people with disposable incomes, middle-aged empty nesters both married and single, and young people with no kids all may have the motivation and may probably purchase the trip. In terms of the Household Life cycle therefore, both the young and those who are older, who have empty nests, those who are married, and those who are single all have the motivation, and are the likely customers for the trip to Cancun (â€Å"The American Society: Families and Households† 190). C. Breakfast bars are the probable purchase of young people across all groupings in the household life cycle, from singles to single parents, to married people with and without kids, because of the way the breakfast bars signify movement and convenience, as well as price consciousness and easy availability, whereas older people and middle-aged people may have different food preferences for breakfast. The latter groups in the household life cycle may prefer cooked breakfast food, either cooked at home or in restaurants and even fast food outlets, having more money for breakfast and in the case of older people more time and a greater concern for health and nutrition in food (â€Å"The American Society: Families and Households† 190). A. The most relevant reference groups for the brand of toothpaste is arguably parents across the different HLC groups, from young single parents, to full nest parents, to delayed full nest parents, because of the way these groups make the purchase decisions for household items for the rest of the family. This reference group is also the appropriate target for marketing and advertising campaigns for toothpastes, even when the toothpaste caters to younger people in terms of its product attributes and in terms of the other elements of the marketing

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